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Is Artificial Grass Worth The Money?

There are plenty of reasons why people are changing from natural grass to an artificial lawn.

And although it may be an investment upfront, the long term benefits far outweigh the cost.

Let’s dive straight in and see what artificial grass has become so popular over the years, look at the pros and cons of this grass and find out whether artificial grass is worth the money.

How Does Fake Turf Compare To Real Grass?

It’s no lie that fake lawn installation is quite an upfront cost but what people want to know is when your getting your garden done, is artificial grass worth the money. Here are some key points that make artificial turf so appealing to couples, families and schools:

  • Low Maintenance – With quality artificial turf you will no longer have to worry about constantly maintaining your grass and making sure it gets enough water and sun. With minimal cleaning and maximum enjoyment your all set.
  • No Lumps, Bumps or Cutting – How often have we all seen grass that is dead in certain areas, overgrown in patches and uneven throughout, if you were to get synthetic grass it would be as flat and as aesthetically pleasing as a carpet.
  • Children & Pets – Artificial grass is terrific for kids and dogs to play on and run around, fake lawn does not get damaged easily due to the strong fibres used in each blade of grass making it ideal all year round and for any type of activity.

Who Is Artificial Grass Ideal For?

Quality artificial grass can be used in a number of different places from homes, commercial buildings, shopping centres and even hospitals. Below is the type of people who get the most out of high-quality artificial lawn:

  • Families Who Love Outdoors – If your a family who spends a good chunk of there life outdoors in the garden making memories, then artificial grass is well worth checking out. It’s easy to maintain, durable throughout the year and looks stunning once laid.
  • Couples – If your a young couple who are busy with work and don’t really have time to maintain the natural grass in your garden, then synthetic grass is a great alternative whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing.
  • Schools – With more and more primary schools investing in their outdoor equipment, artificial lawn is another great addition. Its tough materials allow it to withstand years of running and playing, whilst also not dying when climbing frames are put over it, unlike natural grass which dies if covered in shade too long.

How Much Does Synthetic Grass Cost?

As with all prices, there are a number of different factors that affect the cost of artificial lawn. These range from:

  • Quality – There is a wide grass range out there and depending on what type of materials you would like will ultimately affect the cost.
  • Size of Garden – If you have a small garden say with say some decking, this is going to be considerably cheaper than a large garden.
  • Company – Depending on what company you decide to go with and whether you do the artificial grass installation yourself or pay for qualified installers.

As an average guide, an installation cost can be anywhere from £30-£60 per m2. So for a 10m2 lawn, you would be looking at £300-£600 for it to be installed by professionals. Here is a brief overview of what you could expect to pay for that sized garden:

  • Skip Hire – £200-£250
  • Top Soil – £30-£50
  • Labour – £400
  • Artificial Grass – £250
  • Installation – £500 – £600


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