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Is Artificial Grass Child Friendly?

Gone are the days where you would be sliding across astroturf playing football cutting your knees to pieces against the rough surface of the ground.

Or the hot summers destroying your lovely green grass and having to replant all your flowers because the children have killed them with there toys!

Nowadays it’s all about the cushioned artificial lawns that provide the perfect play area for your children to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at what makes fake grass so good for children and get some top tips from our false grass fitters.

Why Are Artificial Lawns So Popular for Kids

Artificial grass has become popular over the years not only because it’s aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance but also because of the advantages that it offers to families with children. Unlike patio, normal grass and flowers which all need constant maintaining and often get destroyed if you have children wanting to play in the garden, fake turf takes all that stress away.

Once laid it needs regular maintenance every couple of years just to make sure everything is as it should be and if you do keep on top of it, you can enjoy the lawn for years to come. 

The benefit for children is the way you can play sports on it, run around on it, cover certain areas of it with a climbing frame for example and none of these will cause it to get damaged. Kids can play on it all year round in all types of weather without any worry that the sun will kill it like it would with real grass.

How Has Artificial Grass Changed

With the development of technology and increased demand for stunning gardens with less maintenance, artificial lawns have seen a clear surge in popularity over the last decade. Whether you have a small or large home, people are seeing the overall value of investing in the lawn that will last years to come with the correct attention and minimal maintenance.

Is Fake Grass Safe for Kids?

Unlike natural grass, the grass lawn is cushioned underneath with shock pads that absorb any impact. All of the grass products have been tested thoroughly to make sure they meet safety regulations and are indeed child friendly. This great design is perfect for play areas with:

  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Paddling Pools
  • Climbing Frames
  • Trampolines

Key Safety Advice Remember

Here are just a few key things to consider when purchasing artificial grass for a play surface.:

  • Ask plenty of questions such as is artificial grass child friendly and ask about the safety benefits of the fake grass you are looking to buy. Consider getting a sample pack and testing the surface for yourself to see how child friendly it is.
  • Explain what you will be using the artificial grass for – for example how old are your children, is there a climbing frame in the garden or perhaps a trampoline, do you have pets as well. (questions to ask when installing artificial grass for dogs here
  • Installation – Although people can do the installation themselves, it’s recommended to let the professionals with years of experience handle it as you will get better and more importantly safer results. The extra cost involved in a professional installation is worth the money
All of these will give the supplier a better understanding of which type of grass is best suited for you.

Perfect For Schools & Nurseries

Just because artificial grass is most commonly seen in homes, doesn’t mean it can’t be used elsewhere. With hundreds of children running and playing throughout the day, what better way to protect them than with some high-quality child-friendly grass. It may be an investment up front for a large surface area but the longevity of the turf and the amount of use you will get out of it will far outweigh the cost.

With so many climbing frames, toys, sports and other outdoor activities going on, it’s no surprise to see many primary schools and nurseries starting to invest in a product that is sure to last.

Other Benefits

If your still unsure maybe these other great benefits of artificial grass may confirm your decision, or read a full list of artificial grass pros and cons here.

  • No Chemicals Needed – You will not have to put any type of fertilizer down to maintain a healthy-looking garden.
  • No Mess – Don’t worry about mud getting carried through your house or grass stains on clothes.
  • Year-Round Use – The heavy synthetic materials can withstand even the great British weather!
  • Entertaining – Ideal for picnics or having a few friends round, relax on the grass with a bite to eat.

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