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Frequently Asked Questions

Easi-Mayfair 50mm is the most realistic artificial grass on the market.

Easi-Chelsea 40mm the winner of the most coveted award in the gardening sector a gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2012

Easi-Belgravia 40mm Designed in house with its super soft touch Easi-Belgravia incorporates Easigrass renowned dead-infill.

Easi-Kensington 38mm Hard wearing and ideal for high footfall and leisure areas

Easi-Pet 35mm ideal for dog owners to give you peace of mind that you lawn will look amazing all year round and can cope with the mess that comes with your four legged friends.

Easi-Knightsbridge 32mm Easigrass’ most tried and tested grass. This product is over 8 years old and with recent additions to the pile height it now has a luxury soft feel.

No, Astroturf is a brand of it’s own and is not the same as our artificial turf. Astroturfing is a term usually referred to in the sports world for pitches and courts etc

There are many methods to cleaning artificial grass. A standard stiff broom is normally suffice, but you can purchase rotary brushes if you had a large lawn. There many cleaning solutions available for artificial grass for all eventualities.

Easigrass will last up to 20 years which is dependant on the use and volume of traffic over the years. We know this as they have been doing this for over 30 years and have seen with their own eyes how long their own products last. UV stable our grass range will look the part year after year.

Installing artificial grass can be a pricey affair to start with but with the life expectancy being as long as it is and the maintenance bills massively reducing it makes it a money saver in the long run. For more about how artificial grass can be worth the money click the link.

It may not add value directly but for a new buyer to view a property and see that the garden is very low maintenance and clean can only impact their decision in purchasing the property.

Quite simply, on Easigrass yes. You have to be careful with what brand of grass you are buying as cheaper alternatives can be effected by dog urine and waste. Easigrass has a specially developed Pet grass to combat this and with the addition of ZeoFill which absorbs ammonia found in pet urine and reduces the odour. This is exclusive to us at Easigrass. For more on synthetic grass and pets it’s here.

Whilst artificial grass wont completely eliminate fleas or ticks it will reduce them. The pests cannot live inside the blades of grass and with there being no soil there is nowhere for them to nest.

Easigrass recommend using an exclusive product ZeoFill. It is an organic volcanic ash that can be installed directly under the artificial lawn on top of the subbase and used as an infill instead of the traditionally used kiln dried sand. This neutralises the odours found in dog urine and is completely pet friendly and the same product can be found in some food and water filtration systems.


We advise against vacuuming artificial grass as it may not only damage the turf but it can also remove the infill that we install on the grass. A stiff brush can be used or if you would like to use a machine a simple garden blower or garden vacuum would do the job.
Artificial grass underlay is not something that any installation needs. It is a term made up for retailers to sell rolls of cheap foam that has no benefit to your installation. There are options to provide another layer under your lawn which softens your step, but this is an optional extra not a necessity. We offer a shock pad which is recycled rubber that comes in jigsaw tiles and ranges from 18mm thick upwards and can also act as a safety cushion for young children or the elderly. This product is not suitable for pet owners.
The sand adds extra weight to the whole lawn thus providing stability. It also adds protection for the blades of grass prolonging the lifespan. A result of using sand is no ripples develop through