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Artificial Grass Pros and Cons: 25 Advantages of Fake Turf Vs Natural Lawns

The debate has been going for years now.

Is fake grass better than natural lawns? It seems that the people who are fans of artificial grass, or astroturf as it is sometimes called, don’t want to hear about the advantages and benefits of a traditional lawn.

They like their new life on easy street with little time spent mowing and weeding and all those other things that come with living in a maintenance-free world.

This article will be focusing on what you need to know if you’re considering installing synthetic lawn yourself. We’ll cover everything from fake turf maintenance costs to the manufacturing process, so read on!

Pros and Cons of Artificial grass - Advantages of going fake

People often ask: is artificial lawn better than natural lawns? This article will cover the pros and cons of artificial turf products for UK homeowners and some information about their installation.

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Artificial grass has been around for decades now, but it’s only recently come into more widespread use in the United Kingdom. You may not have even realised that this type of material exists!

But you’re probably curious to know what exactly it looks like and how it compares with real grass.

9 Quick Benefits of Artificial grass

  • Top-quality artificial grass is a synthetic and durable surface
  • It’s usually installed with infill, meaning it won’t erode with time as natural lawns will
  • The perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t have the time or budget to maintain a real lawn!
  • Fewer mowing requirements than real turf
  • This kind of artificial ground cover can be installed just about anywhere there’s enough space, which means you’re not restricted or limited with choices. You can also install it in your backyard or on balconies
  • Provides a soft and comfortable surface for kids to play on, ensuring they’ll stay safe and happy
  • Since you don’t need to spend money maintaining fake grass, you’ll free up budget time and energy for other things.
  • You can use artificial grass for pets as well.
  • It looks just like the real thing, but there aren’t any limitations on design choices so that you can have anything from a plain green artificial lawn to an intricate striped design with flowerbeds and gravel pathways.

Durable and long-lasting

The pros of artificial grass are that it is durable and long-lasting. It also comes in a variety of different colours and textures, which can be matched to the surrounding environment. Artificial turf systems will not die out, suffer from pests or need mowing as natural lawns do.

Can artificial grass be laid on concrete surfaces?

Unfortunately, no. Artificial grass cannot be laid on concrete surfaces that don’t have drainage.

Artificial grass has to be installed on a suitable base of either compacted crushed stone or turf reinforcement matting (TRM). Artificial grass can’t sit directly on packed dirt or even paving slabs as they are too unstable.

Can you use artificial grass to improve boring yards and gardens?

The answer to the question is yes.

Artificial grass can indeed improve a boring yard or garden. The artificial grass will work well with the existing hardy plants and flowers that you may already have in your garden. The brightness and freshness of the yard/garden will be increased.

Radically reduce your water bills.

Water usage is a big deal. A yearly water bill of around £396 is the average bill in England. The figure depends. We wonder how much that increases with the continuous flow of any sprinkler system. Artificial grass needs a good clean once a year and won’t require any harmful chemicals making it even more eco friendly!

No more mud or mess

No mud as there’s no surface-level soil like with real grass. Say goodbye to muddy footprints. Artificial grass is also effective as it does not cause pets to dig holes in the lawn. Fake grass prevents puddles from collecting, making it impossible for pools to gather on the lawn.

Get your weekends back - Low maintenance [Saves time & money]

The average natural lawn owner spends 68 hours every year on lawn maintenance, including mowing, watering and weeds. The cost of creating grass has been estimated at around £500 a year.

Environmentally friendly

An artificial grass lawn can be maintained without the use of mower fuel or water. Grass clippings are the most essential component of municipal solid wastes. It’s online that grass clippings and waste materials are the third-largest sources of municipal waste. Having new artificial grass lawns is a good way of helping the environment. No harmful pesticides

Be done with specific garden equipment (Lawnmowers)

Artificial grass will be costly in the beginning, but the longer it lasts for its cost will be more than justified. The expenses associated with a hand mowing lawn mower and trimmer such as power cords also include electrical power, reseeding, fertilisation and maintenance. Not to mention recurring costs for blade replacements, electrical metering and reseeding. 

The solution to unused weed beds or shaded areas

Artificial grass can be placed in almost any area as long as it is permeable enough to supply drainage. Shaded areas around the garden that are barely used are a chore to maintain, they feel like hard work as they don’t provide any benefits or usage. In most cases, this is where weeds are left to grow free. This is an ideal place to lay artificial grass.

A fantastic tool for tenants and landlords

Overgrown grasses or trees can be an eyesore. Often landlords lose potential tenants if the landscape isn’t presentable. Tenants may hire professional gardening services required standards are not kept. Go artificial and ignore the whole question! Go artificial and ask the tenants to keep the garden and artificial lawn clean.

Travel often? Go artificial!

Natural grasses are notoriously tricky when they are left to just grow. Unless you can afford to pay a professional lawn care worker to keep things tip-top, the natural lawn should be eliminated entirely.

Kids clothing rescued! No more grass stains

Manufactured from high-quality PP & PE fibres, the artificial grass is entirely synthetic. No more grass-stained clothes to deal with.

Safety & cleanliness

Artificial grass can help relieve some concerns of natural turf lawns. The kids and pets provide a vital part of the family’s ethos. Artificial lawns are excellent for children and animals.

New look all year round

High-quality artificial grass is tough to distinguish between genuine grasses. Weather conditions do not affect grass, and extreme frost or hot months do not bother the lawn. For amazing looking grass 365 days, a year go artificial!

Create a super safe play area for children

Artificial grass can be beneficial in schools, hospitals, nursery sites and playrooms. The bark in a play park can contain splinters, and rubber can draw heat, making artificial grass suitable for children.

Multiple uses

Artificial grass is ideally suited to enhance areas such as dog parks, rooves and play areas. It makes an enjoyable space for everyone to enjoy.

Artificial grass cons: What are some disadvantages of synthetic grass

We want to provide you with a complete picture of the artificial turf and make an informed decision. Here to be discussed are some of the cons of artificial grass and its disadvantages. We explain and analyse the benefits and drawbacks.

The Cost - It's more expensive than natural grass.

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass for many reasons, but it has the downside of being more expensive in most cases.

The cost can be prohibitively high if you have a huge area to cover with artificial turf.

In general, though, there are ways to reduce the expense and still get a beautiful lawn that looks just like the real thing.

One way is by going with a less expensive style or grade of fake grass that doesn’t look as realistic but will work well enough in most situations and save you money over time.

Another way is by choosing your installation date carefully so that you don’t have to pay extra for rush delivery charges on top of everything else.

Finally, keep in mind that the initial cost of artificial grass is often recouped vs natural lawns because you don’t need to pay for other expenses such as watering and mowing the lawn every week.

Cheap rubbish

Another of the cons of artificial grass is some of the cheap imitation grass that is flying around right now, we are talking about the £6 a metre grass that won’t see out the first year. Avoid anything where the price sounds too good to be true. Your better sticking with natural grass lawns than having this installed

Can fake grass lower maintenance?

It saves time and requires a small amount of maintenance compared with proper lawn needs.

You still have to remove fallen leaves and treat the odd weed that can penetrate the soil layer. We like to say artificial grass is not maintenance-free but can be described as very low maintenance.

Is installing artificial grass expensive?

Fake grass creates a helpful environment that always looks wonderful but needs virtually no care. If you employ professional fitters, you have to pay more. It’s a little like Carpet: it varies between cheap poor quality thatch to expensive but superbly realistic lawn.

How long does artificial grass last?

High-grade artificial grass can last over the next 2 decades, most some as long as 25. One main factor contributing to its durability over time is the fitting of the grass. Also, climate plays a huge role in evaluating artificial grass longevity. If it’s been installed on high streets with high footfall, it wouldn’t last as well as it would at home.

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Turf: FAQ's

Is artificial grass worth the money?

We have a full article here about whether artificial grass is worth the cost.

Can artificial grass be recycled?

Recycling artificial grass is harder than recycling basic items such as bottles, tubes and cans. Artificial grass is composed of several kinds of materials, which can be removed if recycling occurs. Therefore they are re-used and not recycled as intensively as other household things like cans and boxes.

Is artificial grass hard to maintain?

Brushing artificial grass is the key to keeping it looking good. Lightly brush your new lawn regularly (once every week or two) to remove any leaves and twigs, but remember not too harshly as you could end up misshaping its surface 

If there are still stubborn areas of debris even after brushing, then try using an electric clearing tool that has been specially designed for use with synthetic fibers.

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Dogs can do their business on artificial grass. It doesn’t damage the grass, but the best solution is pet owners to avoid allowing the constant usage as a dog toilet or smells linger. For more on artificial grass for pets it’s here.

Is artificial turf suitable for you?

Artificial turf is a beautiful alternative to a natural lawn. The fact is, it’s not right for everyone. Think about your home’s location, your budget, and the advantages and disadvantages when deciding.

If artificial turf is not installed professionally, it could show considerable wear and tear much sooner. The cost of maintaining artificial are low but the initial expense is high. It could also be cheaper in areas where more fake grass companies install them.

In the end, it’s up to you whether or not getting artificial grass installed is right for your home. We hope we have been able to provide a well-rounded look at both sides of this debate and that you can make a more informed decision about what’s best for your needs. Contact us today if you would like help deciding which lawn might be better suited for your garden!

One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote. If you’d prefer to use our supply only service and install artificial grass yourself we can do that also.

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