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Artificial Grass for Dogs: Is Fake Lawn Pet Friendly?

Many dog owners are looking for a way to keep their dogs happy and healthy. Pet safe artificial grass is an excellent option for owners who don’t have the time or space to take care of natural grass. 

It’s also a good choice for those with allergies or respiratory problems, as it helps eliminate dust mites and other allergens that may contribute to asthma symptoms. 

If you’re interested in artificial lawns and have dogs, read on!

The Advantages of Fake Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass lawns are a reliable alternative to natural grass that is perfect for pet lovers who require dog-friendly surfaces.

Artificial lawns are available in a variety of densities and pile heights, meaning you can choose the type most suited to your needs – from medium pile height, soft feel surfaces with a furry top layer or thicker varieties that will stand up to powerful chewers.

Artificial grass in the UK also has a number of other benefits associated with it:

The Health Benefits

  • Artificial lawns mean pets don’t have to worry about getting fleas or ticks accosiaciated with natural long grasses.
  • It’s an allergy-free environment so people suffering can walk their dogs without problems
  • Artificial turf attracts less bugs so your dog won’t get fly bitten

The Practical Benefits

It’s easy to clean up dog mess with artificial grass because these surfaces are designed not to absorb liquids. 

Small sections of artificial lawn are also portable, so you can roll out the dog turf in your garden whenever you fancy playing with Fido outside, rather than having to wait for it to grow.

Artificial lawns provide open spaces for dogs to run around but can also be used as functional garden borders without causing any damage.

Artificial grass is also UV resistant, meaning it won’t fade in the sun like its natural counterpart.

The best fake grass for pets is generally made out of one of three materials – polyethylene, olefin or polypropylene. Artificial grass in the UK generally falls within one of three categories:

Artificial grass advantages and disadvantages are discussed more here.

What's the best pile height for dogs?

  • 10mm Artificial Grass – This is a soft and comfortable artificial lawn, ideal to use under your pet’s bed or as an outdoor play area. It should be regularly brushed to stop loose material such as leaves from gathering on top.
  • 30mm Pets Safe Artificial Grass – This is the standard artificial lawn that you’re used to seeing people play sport on. It’s availiable in a variety of styles and generally stands up to mishandling from pets, children or adults alike without tearing or breaking too easily.
  • 35mm High Quality and Dog Friendly Artificial Grass – This is an extremely tough artificial lawn that features tufts that are more frequently found in ‘grass’ used outdoors. It doesn’t come as standard and is a top of the range product but will stand dogs digging around for worms and other insects.

Will my artificial grass need a foam underlay?

Artificial grass is often installed over a foam underlay, which helps to decrease the noise of footsteps and is great for safety, especially when installing artificial lawns for kids to play on.

Artificial turf for dogs does not require an underlay and we would not recommend it as the foam can retain dog urine odour. 

Artificial grass is already a pet friendly solution, and it’s safe for pets to walk on without the need for an extra layer.

To see how the Newcastle Artificial Grass Company can help you start here.

What dogs like about artificial grass?

Artificial grass is perfect for dogs. Just like humans, they love to be comforted and take too artificial surfaces quickly! 

They seem to love the feel underfoot that won’t make them slip or fall as easily – Pet safety is a high priority and we assure you your pet’s safety when using this kind of surface because toxins are not layered into our product at all; rather it has an elegant natural appearance which will blend right in seamlessly anywhere you put it (such as indoors).

What Dog Owners Love About Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

No More Muddy Paws

The benefits of artificial grass are many, one being it can save your home from a dirty mess. When installing an in-ground lawn for pets and owners alike, there is always the chance that they will become covered with mud which ruins carpets, or even worse, we might track dirt onto our floors, leaving them looking hopelessly drab!

With this problem solved by having dog turf installed instead of grass seed growing, you’ll never have to worry about dirty prints again.

No More Digging

Artificial turf is a fantastic alternative to natural grass for people with pets. Artificial grass has nylon or polypropylene fibers that are resilient and tough enough to withstand even the most industrious dog, so if your pup continues trying digging, it’s highly unlikely they’ll damage your lovely new lawn.

Does dog urine affect artificial grass?

One of the top concerns pet owners have about artificial dog turf is whether dog faeces and pet urine will damage a fake lawn.

They are sceptical that an artificial surface can cope with all that nature throws at it, but unlike real turf, which dies when peeved on by our four-legged friends or poop-filled shoes, you’ll find there’s no need to worry!

Because of the drainage holes, dog urine drains away just like rain so your precious outdoor area won’t end up a mix of grass and yellow stained grass patches – instead enjoy cleaner looking results with a gorgeous lawn 365 days a year.

How To Clean Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass is also great for dogs who need a place to run around and get some exercise. The downside is that artificial grass needs to be cleaned occasionally too. 

Artificial grass is easy to clean! 

Artificial grass can be swept, with water from a bucket. If you want, you could also use your garden hose to rinse the dirt off of the lawn while spraying it down with water. 

Artificial grass is a low maintenance alternative because it doesn’t need watering, mowing, fertilising, or other care-taking measures that traditional lawns have to go through. Artificial grass is pet friendly and is a great alternative to real grass for dog owners with dogs that need a place to run around or relieve themselves. 

Artificial Grass for Pet Areas

Artificial grass is a great surface area for pets because it is soft, there are no harsh blades of grass, they don’t have to worry about the weather turning on them, and there are no mud puddles to clean up around the area where they are allowed to go. 

Artificial grass does not require much upkeep – all you have to do is sweep or hose off any dirt that gets

FAQ's about artificial grass for pets

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial turf?

Yes, dogs can pee and poop on artificial grass – just the same as in a natural environment. The good news is urine will drain away as it should for any useable surface while dog poo must be scooped or hosed off completely before disposing of properly (as recommended).

Does dog urine smell on artificial grass?

If it’s constant and allowed to build up in one area, then this would be an issue, encourage your dog to use different areas of the lawn, or better still, reduce the amount the grass is used for urinating.

Pet Hair on Fake Turf

The majority of fur gets blown away in this situation since most artificial grasses do not accumulate much dirt or other debris over their lifetime but one way that some people may be able to alleviate any potential blockages caused by pesky canine hairs would be by brushing back those strands so they don’t get stuck and rooted in the fibres.

Last Word

Artificial grass is a great solution for dog owners who want to spend more time with their pets and less on lawn maintenance. 

As we’ve shown, there are many benefits of artificial turf as well as considerations that need to be made when installing the surface in a home with pets. 

Pet owners who live in the North East we can offer you a free quote on artificial grass installation if you contact us now!

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